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Contact Lenses Fitting

Our optometrists are experts in fitting patients in contacts that provide incredible comfort and vision. We specialize in precision fittings allowing you to try your new prescription before it is finalized which allows us to troubleshoot any shortcomings. Book a Contact Lens Exam to get the perfect fit.
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Why we use Acuvue Max

At Advanced Vision we choose only the best. That’s why we partner almost exclusively with Acuvue ® brand contacts and fit patients into daily disposables to provide the healthiest, most comfortable contact lens experience. They deliver a significantly lower evaporation rate compared to the competition by combining TearStable Technology and OptiBlue Light Filter2, these lenses are designed to lock in moisture, ensuring all-day comfort. Enjoy visual clarity from dawn to dusk, thanks to their superior design. With the highest level of light filtering in a contact lens, they filter out 60% of blue-violet light.
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